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  • 30 2nd Street
  • Troy, NY, 12180
  • United States

Reinventing Radio: An Evening with Ira Glass

Ira returns to the Hall to once again talk about the creative process behind This American Life

“Mr. Glass is a journalist but also a storyteller who filters his interviews and impressions through a distinctive literary imagination, an eccentric intelligence, and a sympathetic heart.” NYT

Ira Glass is the host and creator of the public radio program This American Life. The show is heard each week by over 2.2 million listeners on more than 500 public radio stations, with another 1.5 million downloading the podcast.  For years, the podcast of This American Life was the most popular podcast on iTunes, until the show started its first spin-off program Serial, which quickly became the most popular podcast ever created.

In Reinventing Radio, Ira will return to the Hall to once again talk about how they put together This American Life: what makes a compelling story and where they find these amazing tales. He mixes stories from the show, live onstage, recreating the sound of the show. And he plays funny and memorable moments from the show and talks about what was behind their creation.