500 Broadway was once multiple immaculate brownstones in the late 1800s.  These brownstones possessed unique features and were home to the elite.   An unexpected fire caused major damage to all structures and the city was forced to tear down all the brownstones due to the intense damage from strong fire flames.  After the firefighters tamed the intense flames, the city removed all brownstones and redeveloped the land.  The new houses that were built lacked the characteristics and appeal that the brownstones gave.  Shortly after, the houses were torn down and the current building now stands where the brownstones stood in the late 1800s.  Past tenants of this building were the county correctional offices where they operate for many years.  500 Broadway was recently purchased and many changes were made to enhance the overall quality of the building.  Currently the building is available for occupancy for a commercial tenant on the first floor and four residential tenants on the second floor! 500 Broadway possess a strong historical background!