Tara Toomajian | Pioneer Bank
Vice President
Jody Brooks | River King Development
Brian P. Murphy | Couch White, LLP

Board Members
Kerry Fagan | Innovative Wealth Management
Jamie Magur | Troy Grooming Co.
Lauren Groff | Groff Networks
Alisha Rogers | Judge Development
Maria Decker | Property Owner


The Downtown Troy Business Improvement District Foundation, Inc. is a charitable organization created to be a catalyst for the Downtown Troy Business Improvement District, created as a means for donors to support the activities and promotion of events of the Downtown Troy Business Improvement District. 


The Foundation oversees fundraising initiatives of the Downtown Troy Business Improvement District in the form of annual sponsorship, advertising agreements, project based funding, and event sponsorship. 

Project based fundraising includes but is not limited to, the State of Downtown Troy Report, Walking Guides, Street Banners, City Statue Creation and Exhibition, Annual Events including Kilt Fest, The For Rent Event, Discover Troy Event, Troy River Fest, Troy Pig Out, Rockin' on the River, Fitness In the Park, Troy Chowderfest, Restaurant & Craft Beer Week, Meet & Greets, and the Annual Dinner & Sammy Awards. 


251 River Street, Troy, NY 12180 | | (518) 279-7997

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The Downtown Troy Business Improvement District (BID) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life within the district of downtown Troy. In our efforts to make the community a vibrant, attractive destination to live, work, learn and play, we request annual partners for marketing sponsorships. We offer extensive sponsorship packages that fit your marketing goals and with a broad range of benefits creating long-term visibility across the Capital Region.

As a BID sponsor, you are helping fund the myriad of programs and services we offer as a community development agency, while reaching new audiences. Annual sponsor benefits include partnership in all aspects of the BID, from widely recognized special events, to district marketing, business development and retention, public services and beautification. A sponsorship with the Downtown Troy BID is not only advertising for your businesses, but it directly supports the growing downtown business community.

If you are looking for more information, would like to setup a meeting or customize a package to your specific needs, please do not hesitate to reach out at (518) 279-7997, or by email at


The Downtown Troy Business Improvement District Foundation requests your support to grow Troy's urban tree canopy with the Raise . Plant . Grow initiative. The initiative will raise funds to plant up to 150 trees in downtown Troy, and will take place in stages as funds become available.

The first step will include clearing dead or dying trees, and removing stumps from existing tree wells. Once these tree wells are cleaned, in the fall and/or spring, new trees may be planted. The Downtown Troy BID beautification staff will mange watering of the trees. 


Please complete the form below to submit a donation with a check. If you would prefer to receive a square invoice in order to pay with a credit card, please email or call the BID office at (518) 279-7997. 



The cost of new trees is approx. $500 each, which includes their purchase, installation, and maintenance, as well as the removal of stumps and debris from each tree well prior to planting. Make a donation today as funds are raised to ignite the growth of Troy's urban tree canopy!  


Following the raising of funds, clearing the city of dead and/or dying trees and removing stumps from tree wells, is the first stage of the planting process. Once removal of the stumps is complete, the opportunity presents itself to plant new trees during the following planting season. These efforts will occur in stages, allowing for planting of trees throughout the spring and fall months.


The Downtown Troy BID staff includes 1 to 3 individuals, varying by season to maintain beautification initiatives. This includes watering of hanging baskets and flower pots as well as cleaning the streets of debris. Downtown Troy BID beautification staff will manage watering and care of the trees to ensure their healthy growth. 

Corporate and individual donors of $1,000 or more, will be recognized in appreciation on a plaque located near Monument Square following the tree planting.  


The stormwater treatment benefits of green infrastructure are well-known, but there are lesser-known secondary benefits that are arguably equally important. Did you know that green infrastructure, when thoughtfully designed, has been shown to: 

  • Result in a reduction in crime rates

  • Improve cognitive function

  • Reduce aggression

  • Reduce possession of narcotics in nearby areas

  • Reduce symptoms of ADD in children

  • Reduce rate of mortality

So let’s dive a little deeper in. 

In Philly, a city embracing green infrastructure, an 18-27% reduction in the possession of narcotics was noted within a half a mile of green infrastructure projects installed between 2000 and 2012. Results like this have been demonstrated time and time again in other controlled studies. 

According to a study, and subsequent report, developed by the NRDC in 2013, Green infrastructure, such as trees, has also been proven to have a positive effect on bottom line. This has been illustrated in examples throughout the Country in the form of higher rents, an increase in retail business sales, and reduced crime (provided proper design). Their study also asserts the following:

  • Increased rents and property values. The use of trees and vegetation for single-family homes can increase property values up to as much as 7 percent. NRDC asserts that landscaping could add 7 percent to the average office rental rate.

  • Increased retail sales. Research has shown that not only are shoppers willing to spend more on products, drive farther to shop, and visit more often those locations that have green streets, but a mature tree canopy could also potentially translate into a consumer's willingness to pay 8 to 12 percent more for goods.

  • Energy savings. Trees act as wind buffers, and provide shade, and have been proven to provide savings in energy.

  • Increased mental health and worker productivity for office employees. The authors of the report write: ”Office workers have a clear preference for nature near the workplace, leading to improved health and job satisfaction, and reduced levels of stress.” Findings make it clear that just having trees around the building and parking areas can result in this finding.

  • Traffic calming. The presence of trees along roadsides has an interesting effect on drivers, in that typically they drive more slowly and with greater caution than they would on streets without tree plantings. While tree canopies don’t actually reduce road width, there is the perception that the road feels narrower than it actually does. In turn, along with other factors, this can result in slower driving speeds.

  • Reduced crime. The theory of crime prevention through environmental design believes that "social monitoring of public spaces ... and quality landscape can encourage more public use of city spaces," and crime reduction is vegetation such as open space with grass and tall trees, according to the authors. While they admit that shrubs and bushes can aid those up to no good by providing hiding spaces, creating areas that promote and encourage gathering do the opposite, reducing crime.

With all these benefits on the bottom line, there are things we can do in the City that will be minimally invasive while providing the benefits just described. Encouraging and supporting the planting or street trees, sidewalk gardens, and planters are a few ways we can help to ensure these positive impacts are realized in Troy.