2016 Annual Dinner & Sammy Awards

The Downtown Troy Business Improvement District invites you to celebrate accomplishments, growth and the pride prevalent in the historic city! Join business owners, city officials and residents, friends and families for the 5th Annual Dinner & Sammy Awards  on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at the Franklin Ballroom Plaza, 5:30p.m. until 8:30p.m.

This year, the Downtown Troy BID celebrates Sunhee’s Farm & Kitchen, located at 95 Ferry Street as New Business of the YearDavid Kropp, Troy resident, is celebrated with the Sammy Spirit Award and the Friend of Downtown Troy award goes to The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall!

Last year’s event drew together city officials, community members and of course business owners and this year the 5th Annual Sammy Awards brings together new and familiar faces who now call Downtown Troy home.  Located at 4 Fourth Street, the Franklin Plaza Ballroom offers an historically chic feel for the evening with dinner, dessert, dancing and a cash bar.

Sponsorship packages and Honorary Committee tickets are still available.  Honorary Committee tickets are $250 and general admission tickets at $75 per person or $60 per BID member.

Wednesday, November 30 | Franklin Plaza | 5:30pm to 8:30pm 

Sammy Awards to be Presented! 

New Business of the Year
Jinah Kim of Sunhee's Farm & Kitchen

Sammy Spirit Award
David Kropp

Friend of Downtown Troy
Troy Savings Bank Music Hall


the "revitalize troy" award

This award, sponsored in 2015 by the Troy Local Development Corporation, honors a downtown entity or project that best shows a piece of Troy's past, emerging strong in Troy's present, with a benefit to Troy's future. The project should invigorate either a physical space or a program that impacts Troy's viability for the future. 

2015 Honorees:   David Bryce / Bryce Properties and the Tech Valley Center of Gravity for their partnership on the Quackenbush Building Project

Up until this year, walking on Broadway and turning the corner onto Third Street, a downtown rambler made his or her way past a building that had seen better times but had spent many years dark and quiet. The long-vacant, Victorian-era structure, which once housed the G.V.S. Quackenbush and Co., and W.T. Grant & Co. stores, was reborn this year as David Bryce and Bryce properties began the arduous task of revitalizing it. Now as the sun sets on downtown Troy, those who pass by the Quackenbush Building’s expansive windows are met with activity from the Tech Valley Center of Gravity, a membership organization offering space, equipment, education and camaraderie to makers, hackers, crafters, tinkerers and artists.  Innovation meets history in this project in the heart of downtown.

the "sammy spirit" award

This award is presented to an individual who volunteers their time to activities, causes, and positive programming in downtown Troy.

2015 Honoree:  Marie Gavazzi, Troy Resident

Marie has been living and working in Troy for most of her adult life. She is a Fifth Avenue resident and is active in many different community groups and organizations. She stays involved with T-NAC and helped to organize this year’s “Meet the Candidates” event; she also participates in the 5th and Grand Neighborhood Organization, Troy in Bloom and the Troy BID, among several other organizations.  She says that she has seen a “migration” into downtown of retirees who are property owners in Troy, that there are a lot of ways to take part in the community, and that being involved makes her aware of what is going on, with importance on awareness of the whole picture. 

the "troy vision" award

This award is given to a person or organization that has implemented a proven dedication to tackling community or societal issues in Troy in an effort to improve quality of life in the city.

2015 Honoree:  Fred Miller / Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc.

The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc. partners with organizational leaders to make meaningful and sustainable changes that not only position the organizations for greater success, but also benefit individuals in the organization and the communities in which they are located. They help organizations create work environments that inspire collaboration, innovative thinking and breakthrough ideas for higher performance. Their approach to accelerating change generates significant shifts in interactions in six months, and an entirely new way of operating within 18 months. The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group has initiated several community programs in Troy including Troy 100 and Hunger in Troy, and has been involved in many more, including helping to spread awareness about Giving Tuesday, a global effort to help boost non-profits in the work that they do. 

established business (retail) award

This award is given to a retailer or restaurateur who has been in downtown Troy through the thick and thin, for the long haul. 

2015 Honoree:  Dan Schongar / Troy Quick Shoe Repair

It was 1908 when Troy Quick started in Troy, New York. The business has had four owners including Dan Schongar, the owner for the last 30 years. Dan got his start in the shoe repair business in 1978 when he started working part time during his teenage summers. Dan is a true tradesman and respected Trojan, who inspires us to celebrate the art and industry of handmade goods.

new business award

This award is given to a business opened within the past year that has proven to be a stand-out in the Downtown district.

2015 Honoree: Laura Kerrone / Psychedelicatessen

Laura brought her homemade bagel recipe to Troy, New York after running a successful operation in the midwest out of a tie-dyed converted school bus. Her River Street venture got off to a rocky start, with multiple set backs to her very specific and expensive ovens and other equipment, but she persevered. Now, her brightly-colored shop is a beacon for residents, visitors and students. She pulls long hours seven days a week, and has truly become a downtown Troy destination for foodies looking for real, wholesome food that is locally sourced.

established business (commercial) award

This award is given to an established commercial business that has been in downtown Troy for many years; a business that has helped put Troy on the map.

2015 Honoree: Gurley Precision Instruments

Gurley set up shop in Troy, New York in 1845. The company employs 75 workers at its Fulton Street plant, with plans to grow that number. Known for encoders, optics and test instrumentation, President Martin Gordinier tells us that the company’s top projects include Gurley's encoders used in semiconductor wafer handling robots at Luther Forest Technology Campus, Gurley encoders that are exclusively used in F35 joint strike fighter jets, and Gurley encoders used in satellites that defend the United States of America. Martin, who has been running Gurley’s operations since 2007, has five degrees (engineer undergrad at HVCC and SUNY Polytechnic; Master’s from St. Rose, Rensselaer Polytechnic, and U. of London), as well as executive education from MIT and Cornell. Joe Griggs, Vice President of Finance and Accounting, was previously an executive with IBM. Gurley brings quite an impressive roster to Fulton Street in Troy. 

friend of downtown award

This honor goes to an organization that supports the initiatives of the Downtown Troy BID, striving to make Troy a better place to live, work, study, and play.

2015 Honorees: P. Thomas Carroll and Michael Barrett, for their work with the Hudson Mohawk Industrial Gateway

The Gateway was formed in Troy in 1972, around the time that TRIP and TAP were also getting started, in response to urban renewal initiatives that were happening all over the country. City dwellers were being overwhelmed by media and government incentives to move to the suburbs, and downtown Troy was literally being bulldozed block by block. After concerned citizens were putting themselves in front of bulldozers to save many of Troy’s endangered buildings, entities like The Gateway were formed, and The Gateway sought to celebrate architectural heritage instead of obliterating it. The Gateway has been responsible for bringing the cruise boat industry all the way up to Troy, and both Tom and Michael, former and current Executive Directors of the organization, are tireless promoters of downtown Troy and what they refer to as the “Heritage Tourism gold mine” that is begging to flourish here. They engage students, visitors, and just about anyone within earshot to connect with downtown Troy through their tours and explorations of Troy’s invaluable Tiffany window collections, its colorful industrial history and so much more that there is simply not time to even scratch the surface. From one group of Troy supporters to another, we are so grateful for what The Gateway has done for downtown in the past, but also for what is still in store for the future.